Like the city itself, real estate in LA is fast-paced and filled with exciting opportunities. Also like the city, it can sometimes be a bit tough to navigate unless you know exactly what you’re doing. In the top 10% in an office of 350+ agents, Meghan Nyback and Christine Regan bring hard-won knowledge and quick action to each transaction, buffering stress with a calm approach. They are driven by what’s happening in their clients’ lives, because buying or selling a home often takes place alongside other big life changes; new jobs, expanding families, and realizing opportunities. Having cultivated business relationships with fellow agents that foster respect, they go out of their way to make their clients stand out when buying or selling.

 As business partners, Meghan & Christine share a relentless work ethic and are overachievers that go the extra mile.  Beyond that, they focus on staying at the top of their game by seeking continuing education and leadership that expands their knowledge. Christine represents them in the Agent Leadership Council, a 10-member team that makes decisions for an office of 350+ agents.

 Meghan Nyback graduated UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Communications, and studied abroad in Ghana. Her entire professional career has been in real estate, she began flipping homes in 2009, worked in property management, and became a broker in 2011. She volunteers for a grief organization, participating in support groups and summer camps. Meghan is married, with two young sons, she strives every day to show them through example that anything is possible with diligent work and a positive outlook.

 Christine Regan is a native Angeleno whose identity and heart has been informed by the vibrant culture of LA. She’s a former hairstylist and makeup artist for music videos and commercials, work that gave her an edge in adapting to different personalities and demanding environments. Real estate pulled at her as a dream career, and it’s delivered in every way. She stays creative as an evolving watercolor artist that appreciates the beauty in all art forms, with a particular soft spot for documentary films. She loves practicing to become fluent in ASL and hiking with her daughter who is spunky, smart & strong, and her son, a sweet, affectionate & funny boy.